I recently did a Horsey Quiz for clients, with anagrams, and pictures of equipment, and famous faces. Am thinking of doing a pub quiz for the yard for Christmas. Here are some of the questions, see how many you can get right!

1. What breed of horses are bred with Thoroughbred to make the breed Anglo Arab?
2. What is colic?
3. At what age can horses start competing in ridden competitions?
4. Name four poisonous plants.
5. How long should you leave it after feeding your horse before exercising it?
6. What rug is used for drying a wet or sweaty horse?
7. Approximately how big is a horse`s stomach? Hint: compare it to something used in everyday life
8. What is the name of the short, strong bone between the knee and fetlock?
9. Are horses colour blind?
10. What is the name of a horse`s father?
11. Name the four speeds of trot in English riding.
12. Who wrote the book Black Beauty?
13. Who won Badminton 2013?
14. In which Greek city was the Wooden Horse?
15. At what dressage level can you wear a double bridle?
16. What is the biggest height a pony can be?
17. What is the name of a brown and white pony?
18. What is the name of someone who puts shoes on a horse?
19. What rug do you put on your horse in winter when the horse is in the field?
20. Name the four gaits of the horse.
21. Name all the letters in the arena
22. What is the competition called when you jump coloured fences in a ring?
23. What is it called when you go out for a ride in the countryside for an hour or two?
24. What is the name of the mythological flying horse?
25. What is the name of the book written by Michael Morpurgo about a horse in World War I?
26. What is the name of the big steeplechase race held at Aintree in April every year?
27. What style of riding do cowboys ride?
28. How many false ribs does a horse have?
29. Is “paint” a breed or colour of horse?
30. What was the traditional job of Shire Horses in the UK?
31. What is it called when a horse steps on the back of his front hoof with his hind foot?
32. List 3 types of bedding.
33. How long do you have to soak sugar beet pellets for before feeding?
34. How many beats in the canter gait?
35. What is the gestation period for a mare?
35. How do you tell how old a horse is?
36. What is the defect called when a horse has a large bony swelling on the inside of one of his forelegs, between the knee and the fetlock?
37. What is a horse described as if their hindquarters are higher than their withers?
38. What is a centaur?
39. What was the name of John Whittaker`s famous grey showjumper?
40. What is the name of the protagonist in the Silver Brumby books by Elyne Mitchell?

Good Luck!

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