Adult Beginner/Novice Rider – What You Might Want To Know

Nicely written 🙂 I find as soon as my riding school horses look bored or tired they need either a holiday, a good hack, or even a jump or cross country lesson, then they get their spring back into their step 🙂

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Last night I read this conversation on Horse & Hound Forum:

My reply was as follows:

“This is something very close to my heart as an instructor who is trying to fight with the “booting culture” I really hope thatyou find another riding school where standards are higher and understanding of teaching in place.

I wouldn’t believe everyone who says months of lunge lessons are boring as they most likely did not experience a good, fun, creative and educational seat training programme. If they did, they may have another opinion of lunge lessons!
I very highly recommend them as seat education for beginner riders is the first step to get rid of switched off/resigned horses.

The time spent on the lunge depends on your general learning ambitions. As an example I keep my beginner riders on the lunge for minimum of 3 months. That’s for…

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One thought on “Adult Beginner/Novice Rider – What You Might Want To Know

  1. aspireequestrian Nov 21, 2013 / 8:52 pm

    Indeed 🙂 Nothing like a lung opener for a bored school horse! There’s so much that can be done to school horses management, there really is no need for this booting nonsense. Thanks for reblogging!

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