After a stressful and anxious couple of days I reached lunchtime feeling the whole world was against me. I’m sure you all know the feeling. Even the sun shining couldn’t lift the dark clouds.

After munching through my sandwich in deep contemplation I decided to motivate myself and would ride Mr B. He’s a lovely large grey gelding who has just has his hocks injected and is coming back into work quietly. He’s been doing some walk and trot hacks and straight lines in the school, but if figured what I (I mean he) really needed was to go off site and a bit further afield. So I brought him in and flicked him off quickly before remembering our palomino mare who recently tied up and needs to be kept working. She could come too. No, I did not feel like company, so I would ride and lead.

Five minutes later and Mr B tacked up I mounted and set off, ignoring many a raised eyebrow. Off we went into the spring countryside.

By the time I was halfway up the lane the peaceful air was calming me down, I felt my shoulders relax and I let the rhythmical footfalls of my grey steed calm my thoughts, while the little mare jogged alongside. It was very non eventful, except having to turn round because a tree covered our path. One horse I could get through, but two? I think not.

The pair were very well behaved and I had a couple of trots, using the sitting trot to help empty my mind, kind of like meditation. I found myself talking to both horses and putting the world to rights and keeping an eye out for those cocky pheasants who, having survived the shooting season think they are invincible. We reached the cornfield and trotted the full length, revelling in ground that is hard enough to trot or canter but at the same time softer than concrete.

I was quite disappointed to find myself at the yard gate; I’d just started to enjoy myself. It didn’t matter anyway, for the rest of the afternoon I was in a better state of mind. The song lyrics “all my troubles seem so far away” came to mind. My ride was proof that horses are therapeutic and good for the soul, especially when you’re all alone with them and nature.

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