The Puddle

Due to February’s horrendous rain the ground has started to dry up, but the hills are leaking water which is running off the ground and pooling in the lowest points.

This lead to the formation of a puddle outside one of our fields. I say puddle. It’s knee deep (half a centimetre off my wellies) with a strong current and about 50 yards long and 6 foot wide.

Obviously this causes some problems when bringing horses in and out of that field. Like one day last week when I turned out three mares.
I reached the puddle and the roan mare went straight in and started pawing the water, spraying me, herself and the others with droplets. I growled her name angrily and she paused momentarily. The second mare also walked straight into the puddle and started drinking from it like she’d never seen water. The third mare, however, stood on the edge refusing to get the tips of her toes wet.

You can imagine it I’m sure. Water spraying us, one horse drinking, a lot of splashing and another horse leaning back refusing to wade in. I’m lucky I didn’t fall over in that puddle! After a bit of growling and waving of lead ropes I managed to reach the gate and pull one horse at a time through.

All in a days work.

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