What? No Saddle?

A friend of mine owns an elderly cob who suffers from arthritis. He`s under a strict routine of being ridden in walk on all sorts of terrain and gradient to help keep him mobile.

To economise on time and maximise his riding time, my friend takes the bridle and a pad to the field and rides his cob from the field bareback. As he`s only walking it`s not uncomfortable and they go for miles.

So a couple of days ago my friend had a to pop to the farm next door to run an errand, so decided that his hack would take him off the estate for a change and he would stop by the farm on his way back.

Marching merrily through the woods he suddenly became aware that a woman was waving frantically at him and trying to catch up with him. Concerned, he stopped.

“Oh excuse me!” she panted, “You`ve forgotten your saddle!”

Hiding a smirk, my friend looked down beneath him and clapped a hand over his mouth.
“So I have!” he exclaimed “I thought something felt different!”

As if anyone could forget something as bulky as a saddle!

2 thoughts on “What? No Saddle?

  1. Susan Friedland-Smith Jul 8, 2014 / 2:06 pm

    Very cute story. I’m sure the passerby thought she was being immensely helpful. And your friend’s response was priceless. 🙂

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