Scaredy Cat!

This morning we went for a hack. My friend rode Apollo and I rode Llani. Llani often spots ghosts in the hedgeline so stops and spins around, but he is getting more confident each time.

I went first and we passed the Fern Monster in the hedge and some scary lorries before going through the woods. As we went through the woods we come out near a house and garden.

I was in the lead, walking past the stonewall when Llani spotted a ghost. To give him his due there was an elderly lady pruning her roses and making lots of snipping noises. He stopped and tried to spin round, but I stopped him and made him think about the situation. He stood but flat out refused to go in front, so I suggested Apollo did.

Now Apollo was wary because Llani was wary so hesitated and had a good look around. Meanwhile I was behind Apollo, with Llani keenly walking behind him. His nose was resting on Apollo`s tail when Apollo put the brakes on! Llani was very keen to walk on, so when Apollo stopped I suggested I carried on past, using my momentum to get past the scary Lady Monster. As soon as Llani`s nose passed Apollo he chickened out! Jammed on the brakes and decided it was just too scary. This time, however, Apollo decided to man up and walk past the lady. I wonder what she thought of the whole palaver!

Once past the stone wall I let Llani take the lead and we continued on our hack, I was pleased later when we approached a house with builders in the front garden because Llani stopped, looked at the situation and then walked past quietly. He does make me laugh though, being a tough guy when he`s hiding behind his friend, but then too much of a ladies blouse to go on his own! It reminds me of kids egging each other on but then not wanting to be the one to do the troublemaking!

One thought on “Scaredy Cat!

  1. firnhyde Jul 23, 2014 / 2:38 pm

    My three-year-old trusts me with his life, but also thinks it’s his duty to protect both of us from any Grass Monsters, Tree Monsters or Flesh Eating Sparrow Monsters. Hence he will bolt when he sees them but if this leaves me sitting in the dust, he’ll return to guard me. Daft things horses.

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