Otis’s Massage

Yesterday afternoon Otis had another visit from the McTimoney chiropractor. It’s been eight weeks since her last visit, when he had all his problems with his right hind.

Whilst I didn’t think there was a problem with him, I thought it was best to get him checked out regularly.

Since his last treatment I’d spent four weeks lightly hacking him, building up his muscles and suppleness, and just going into the school once a week to assess his progress. We walked up hills and leg yielded along paths, but it took six weeks for him to feel one hundred percent even and normal. I had almost given up and rung the vet for a MOT when I rode him and realised the first trot felt strong and the diagonal pairs were even.

Since then he’s been in usual work and his jumping fitness built up steadily. At the end of July we went showjumping, where he jumped a double clear in both classes. I was really pleased and went home to enter our next one day event. Last weekend we competed at dressage and he felt very consistent and was second and fourth in two strong classes; I think the time spent suppling and strengthening him has really paid off.

Anyway, back to his massage. There weren’t any knots or sore spots other than what you would expect from an athlete, which is great news. However, Otis was a bit tight in his neck which I think is where he has braced himself against me treating his sore ear (which needed the vet to sedate and clean and is healing nicely) so hopefully that tension won’t reoccur.

The physio was very pleased with Otis and after a couple of days gentle exercise we are back to normal!

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