Talking to Horses

Just before Christmas I saw a friend who excitedly told me about a man who talks to horses. He is quite well known around the UK and is also a successful Grand Prix dressage rider and instructor. This friend had been having problems with finding the root cause of lameness in her horse so was considering having this guy come and “talk” to her mare.

I found this very interesting and we chatted more about pychics, telepathy and the like. This friend definitely sat towards the believing end of the seesaw. I`m quite open minded about things like this, although I do need the proof before I fully commit my beliefs. 

About fifteen years ago my Dad was in his garden machinery shop when a Romany gypsy woman came in, selling woven baskets and lace. She asked to read my Dad`s palm and he reluctantly agreed. He is the world`s biggest skeptic, needing iron-clad proof before he believes this sort of “stuff and nonsense”. However, this gypsy woman said a couple of things that rang eerily true.

Number 1: She said Dad had two healthy children, and it was a sad shame about his eldest (who died a cot death ten years earlier on the other side of the UK).

Number 2: Dad`s Mother had recently had some bad medical news, but Dad wasn`t to worry as she would be okay (Granny had been diagnosed with a tumour and had only told Dad the day before).

The lady said some other things, and she regularly visits my parents to this day and always says something personally correct. Last year she visited and told Mum I had something to tell them, so Mum instantly phoned me to find out what it was!

Because of this lady, I was interested in the Horse Communicator and his visit to friends, which he always came up with something useful, enlightening and helpful. So imagine my response when some liveries at the yard organised a visit.

I asked for a space, intrigued as to what he would say about my horses. Curious as well, as to whether it matched up with my interpretations of their behaviour.

I ummed and ahhed about which horse to use, and eventually decided on Llani as I know Otis inside out. But then I thought afterwards that Otis could have been more of a test for him as I could pinpoint any inaccuracies.

Llani it was, and it was very interesting. The Horse Communicator stood outside Llani`s stable, about three foot away, and could only see Llani`s head and neck over the door. All he asked was his name and age. At the beginning of the “interview” Llani was alert, on his toes, with a worried look in his eyes. He also “spoke” to the man at a hundred miles an hour. However, by the end Llani had relaxed, lost his worried expression, and his ears were gently flicking back and forth towards the Horse Communicator, so I`m sure something was going on in his little mind.

Here are some of the things Llani “said”:

He is very pleased with recent changes to his lifestyle. – this is open to interpretation as Llani made several big changes in the last year. Firstly, I started working with him and he moved over from Wales, secondly, he moved to  a different yard before Christmas, and thirdly he is does a variety of regular work, from hacking, dressage, cross country to lunging. Now, which one was Llani talking to?

He wants to do more exciting things, to go competing more and do lots of jumping. But not dressage. He doesn`t want to go hunting though. That`s too scary. – Llani has started doing some more competitions, and he has definitely done more jumping recently, so this statement is relevent. I don`t think he`s ever been hunting, so I wonder how he knows what it entails.

He is pleased with his foot balance as his inside heel seems much better now … his teeth feel better after their last treatment but he had been getting discomfort from the top left back before. His saddle causes slight pressure at the front, but it is not serious. – I noticed that these topics came up with all the horses. I can`t really comment on the foot balance, as my farrier has not made a comment recently about Llani`s shoes, but he was barefoot when he came to me, so perhaps he is referring to the shoes. The saddle I use more often on Llani has recently been reflocked, and the bar narrowed so it is possible that it is slightly more narrower at the front now.

He doesn`t like too many people watching him, especially when he is doing flatwork. He lacks confidence here because a big bay horse tells him he`s rubbish at dressage. – This statement had us in hysterics, imagining Otis jibing at Llani about dressage while they munched hay in the field. However, I would agree that Llani does get stage fright. Recently I found him scoot off from a group of people watching him in the corner of the school, which was an unusual behaviour, and not one that I`ve seen repeated. Additionally, Otis is a jealous horse, so I can quite imagine him making Llani feel inferior. He once kicked me on the way to the field because I was leading his field friend, and not him!

Llani does not like it when people fall off. They need to get their act together and stop annoying him. If you were to fall off cross country, he would probably carry on without you as he has little sympathy for fallers. – This also made us laugh because that very morning my friend had been schooling him, and it had been going really well so she started jumping. She jumped the filler three times and then got complacent and forgot to ride into it the next time they approached. So Llani stopped, and then continued to stand over her, with a disbelieving expression on his face – if he could roll his yes, he would have!

He gets joint ache if he has too much sugar in his diet – this caused the Horse Communicator to tell me to cut out the sugar from his diet. Llani is under the same regime as Otis – hay in the field, not haylage, and unmollassed Alfa-A and Calm and Condition in his bucket. Perhaps he is referring to a previous diet?

Llani does not like fluorescent clothing, and does not want to wear a hi-vis exercise sheet, or even hack with a horse wearing one – a horse`s natural instinct is to be camouflaged so it is a reasonable statement that they don`t want to wear our safety clothes. Llani doesn`t like bright clothing though, as I`ve seen him recoil slightly at a brand new fluorescent coat. 

As a two year old he was chased and kicked, which causes him to worry when things come from behind. He also finds it harder to see things towards the rear than the front. – I asked the question “why doesn`t Llani like things behind him?” which I suppose lead the Horse Communicator to this answer, but a previous traumatic event would explain his necessity to turn around to look at things behind him.

He prefers to go on the right hand side of a trailer. – I was quick off the mark here, as Llani point blank refused to load on the right side of the trailer when we last went showjumping. But the Horse Communicator replied that Otis usually goes on that side and Llani will get into trouble if he goes into his space. True or not, I  admire his quickthought.

Llani said a few more things, some of which were trivial such as the fact he is disapointed there wasn`t more snow to play in this winter, and others more interesting like the fact he prefers thinner bits because the corners of his mouth are very sensitive. 

What does everyone think? I thought the Horse Communicator sussed out Llani`s personality, but whether that is to do with his knowledge and observational skills. I`m sure some things are said for effect and to fill the gaps so that people get their money`s worth, such as the fact Llani doesn`t like lunging. However, sometimes the explanations were too elaborate to have been made up on the spot. It`s interesting, and something to go into with your eyes wide open. It would be interesting to hear anybody else`s stories on this topic.

One thought on “Talking to Horses

  1. Charlie Johnson (The Tack Box) Mar 8, 2015 / 1:55 pm

    I have to say, I’ve been toying with the idea of searching out such a person to come and converse with my boy. Would be interesting to see what I may miss or have misinterpreted?

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