Quick Fire Questions

Its the last of my Stable Management lectures tonight, and as per the BHS rules, they have to sit an exam and pass to receive their certificate.

So I’m catching up on some blogs, but thought I’d do a quick fire round of questions.

  1. Describe a strawberry roan coloured horse.
  2. How often should your horse see the farrier?
  3. Describe the symptoms of ‘flu.
  4. What brush is used on a clipped horse in winter?
  5. Can you identify the periople  on the horse’s foot?
  6. Describe how you put on a hot poultice.
  7. What methods  can you use to feed forage in the stable?
  8. What is the purpose of the hunting breastplate?
  9. Give the pros and cons for using shavings as bedding.
  10. What is the black mark on a white sock or stocking called?
  11. Name the popular native breed from Ireland.
  12. Describe how to trot up a horse correctly.
  13. What is the minimum height for a horse?
  14. Name three breeds of draft horse.
  15. Where on the horse would you find the ergot?
  16. What is the name of the square shaped cloth under the saddle?
  17. What would you do if you found a horse with a non weight bearing lameness?
  18. Name five poisonous plants.
  19. How do you approach a horse in the field to catch him?
  20. Why would you feed your horse barley?

How did you get on answering those questions? They’re still writing away here!

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