Feeding Garlic

With all the ginormous horse flies and other critters about, this garlicky post from last year seems appropriate.

The Rubber Curry Comb

I’m not that I to feeding supplements, I think they can be an unnecessary expense, but today I popped into the tack shop to pick up some garlic granules for the horses.

Otis suffers from sweet itch so the flies irritate him quite badly. Last year I found he was much better with a low-sugar diet and rugged up, however this year the flies seem to be much worse.

So why did I choose garlic? It is said to help deter flies from within, which in theory means that your horse becomes a fly repellent, which should reduce the introduction of chemicals into your horses environment from fly sprays and garlic granules are cheaper than fly repellent. Garlic is also supposed to be good for the immune system as it is a natural antibiotic, so should help the general well being and health of the horse. A further benefit of…

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