Aren’t They Funny?

Recently I’ve been letting my boys out of their field to eat the longer grass on the track whilst I poo pick the field. They aren’t exactly short of grass in the field but I’d hate to waste the good grass.

I run a piece of rope across the track so Otis and Llani only have a small area. It didn’t take long for them to cotton on to the procedure.

Tonight, however, I poo picked in the evening, which is very unusual. I called Otis and he merely glanced up and continued grazing whilst I hung up the rope and opened the gate. Llani whinnied to me as I wheeled the wheelbarrow in and started filling it. As I made my way around the field Llani followed closely. Then I noticed Otis slink off. He’d noticed that the gate was open.

I was surprised at how discreet Otis was as he snuck into the new grass, not telling Llani who continued to follow me all the way around the field, only wandering onto the track when I went through the gate. He was then highly disappointed that he only got five minutes of grazing time – you snooze, you lose, Llani!

This is the second time I’ve noticed how Otis can be sneaky on the food front, and leave Llani in the dark. 

On the weekend I left the boys grazing the track whilst I packed the car with Llani’s tack. Then I took Otis’s breakfast to the field so he could eat it whilst I took Llani to dressage. I called to Otis, who looked up and discreetly walked into the field so I could shut the gate and give him his bucket before catching Llani and taking him in to groom. While Otis snuck away Llani remained oblivious. 

We all know horses are herd animals, and follow their leader, but I haven’t seen such sneaky behaviour from them, or them being so oblivious to the rest of the herd. But then my boys are both independent souls so this might not be a true reflection of horse behaviour. 

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