Filler Phobia

One of the teenagers I teach is beginning to psych herself out about fillers, and needs to build her confidence building riding at new places and around courses. They’re off to clear round tomorrow evening so I thought this old blog post was relevant.

The Rubber Curry Comb

This is a continuation of the post spookier and spookier click here to read and just things about a few more examples or points of view.

My mums horse, who was mine originally, was backed and schooled by me, and in the grand scheme of things was not a problem. One “thing” we had was that he wouldn’t jump fillers. everyone called him spooky, and I got fed up and lost all confidence, eventually just doing rustic fences which even then could be a problem.
Reflecting back, I can see the vicious cycle. Being relatively new to jumping fillers with a young horse we were both as spooky as each other. I remember approaching a fence with my eyes locked soley on the green painted wood underneath. That’s where my focus was, that’s where his focus was, that’s where we stopped. Every time.
Looking back I should’ve got another instructor…

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