Kittens or Monkeys?

Otis and I have a difference in opinion regarding cats.

I’m very much a cat person; my parents still have my 14 year old cat, Misty, at home and whenever I go and visit she takes up residence on my bed, refusing to move until I leave again, purring loudly when she sees me. We’ve got our own cat, Penny, in our house, and I love the headbutts she gives in greeting, or how a snuggle makes everything okay again. I’m not so keen on her attacking toes that are under the duvet just because breakfast is five minutes late though …


At the yard we recently lost a ginger, characterful cat called Frank. He used to sit on my lap when I taught, play with whips, climb up your leg to sit on your shoulder, and once was walking along the top of the stable wall when he fell off onto one of the horses!

With his loss there was obviously a huge hole to fill, so two kittens were bought. As we didn’t think one kitten would fill Frank’s shoes. 

Called Carol and Kevin, they are very adorable, but oh so naughty! Initially Kevin was the bold one, but soon it became apparent that Carol was not so innocent when we regularly found Kevin stuck in a bucket or halfway through the ear hole of a fly rug whilst Carol looked on innocently.

Now they are confidently having the run of the barn I am tripped over every morning by Carol, who rapidly climbs up me to walk laps of my shoulders, purring loudly. She’ll sit there while I feed and muck out, occasionally jumping onto the stable wall before jumping back.

Today I’d had her company all morning but she went off for a sleep until I brought Otis in mid morning. Then she came out and started wandering around his legs. Bear in mind that she doesn’t come higher than his fetlock! Otis has never really understood cats, shying away when I had Frank in my arms, but he sniffed Carol when she played with his grooming box.

Once he was tacked up I took a moment to move the little kitten. She climbed up my back and onto my shoulder before looking inquisitively at Otis, who eyed her balefully. 

Then I realised her devious plan! I tried to move away, but as I did Carol leapt onto Otis’s neck and bounded along his back. With a look of horror, Otis jumped in surprise and as Carol leapt onto his hindquarters he bucked and scooted away, sending her to the floor! 

She was completely unhurt, and bounded away, and Otis looked unsure of what just happened! 

Hopefully Carol has learnt her lesson, but I’ll have to make sure she stays away from Otis!


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