Shiver Me Timbers

During one of the pony camps in the summer we instructors witnessed a moment of pure comical genius, which I’m convinced could be used as a sketch.

One of the girls was tacking up her pony by herself. The pony was tied to the trailer quietly munching on his haynet.

The girl took out the gel pad and placed it carefully on his back, checking it was central and perfectly aligned. She turned around to pick up her saddle and saddle cloth, at which point the pony decided to twitch his withers so that the gel pad slid towards his croup.

The girl came back with the saddle, looked in confusion at the gel pad, before putting her saddle down carefully and putting the gel pad back into its original position.

She turned back to the saddle, as the gel pad made it’s way along the pony’s spine. The girl looked at it in dismay, as she held her saddle. 

Before she could put the saddle down to try again one of the instructors, in fits of laughter, got up to help anchor the gel pad whilst the saddle was put on! 

I think the situation was made more the funnier by the demure look on the pony’s face as he upset the tacking up procedure. 

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