How Institutionalised Are We?

This year I think I’ve spent more time teaching outside the arena than in it, and I noticed not so long ago how much less reliant I am on dressage letters for directing clients. So I thought it was time to reblog this post from last autumn.

The Rubber Curry Comb

This summer I started teaching at Pony Clubs and it was the first time I`d really taught outside of an arena. Well, we used dressage letters, but it was in a big open field. I was quite impressed with how good the ponies were. I guess, they are used to the procedure and are in a big group, so will be more settled. Most of these kids would also compete, so the ponies would go out to shows and be used to working on grass.

When you think about it really, how many times as an aspiring rider, particularly in a riding school, do we ride outside the four fences of an arena. You may go on hacks regularly. But lets face it these are quite regimented – we canter up this hill … we trot along this path. Yes, it`s all weather dependent, but the horses know which gait…

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