Being Non-Horsey

Do you ever find that, as a horsey person or one in the equine industry, you are compartmentalised and people rarely talk to you about things not related to horses?

Growing up I did prefer to spend time with my ponies than go on day trips with my family, which I think is fairly standard for teenagers. But at home we had more varied subjects of conversation, although I’m still clueless about the rules of rugby…

Nowadays I’m finding that I relish a day off, where the horses are just fed, and I go swimming, or for a bike ride, or watch a non horsey TV programme with my non horsey boyfriend, or go out for dinner, or play my harp, or read. The only trouble is there isn’t enough hours in the day!

At the stables a couple of liveries and I often have in depth conversations about quasi random things – this morning we discussed assisted suicide, thalidomide, Downton Abbey, and a couple of other things. A fortnight ago we put the world to rights by discussing the  immigration crisis, and I can definitely remember discussing Germany prior to the Second World War!

Anyway, I know horsey people spend an inordinate about of time with their horses/best friends, but I don’t think they should be afraid of widening their horizons, reading the news, and embarking on conversations of great discovery. After all, it makes us more understanding of others and their opinions, as well as being able to create our own more educated views.

I visited family over the weekend and I was greeted with “did you leave the horse outside?” 

Haha. I politely laughed at the joke I hear each time. 

As we ate lunch I tried to move conversations away from Otis (as much as I love him, I know no-one else needs to hear his name every few minutes) with the hope of picking the brains of my uncle who’s good at gardening, but conversations kept including horses in the strangest way and I ended up feeling that they felt I was unable to hold a non-equine conversation and a bit stupid. Thankfully I did manage a long discussion about weddings with my cousin, which was refreshing.

I guess this is rant two of the week, but I think it’s so important to be a rounded individual; to take an interest in current affairs and other subjects so that we don’t become stale in our work and riding, or bore our friends and family! I think it also does our confidence good in other social situations, such as a party, as we can involve and contribute to conversations.

One thought on “Being Non-Horsey

  1. EverydayEquestrienne Oct 7, 2015 / 1:01 pm

    Really great post – I love horses, being around “horse people” and spending copious amounts of time at the barn…but I don’t want that to be my whole identity! Sometimes people are surprised that I have a fair amount of knowledge about subjects other than horse supplements or that I’d rather discuss what happened on my favorite TV program than my riding lesson.

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