My Little Pony

I nipped into the shops on my way home from work today to get my niece a birthday present. As she’s turning three I found a card with a badge – that’s always cool when you’re in single digits … Not so cool during middle age! And I felt a bit clueless for presents. She does jigsaws with me and the odd matching game but I’m sure she has hundreds of games and there’s nothing worse than receiving a duplicate.
To my delight, I found the My Little Pony section. As pony mad adults, I’m sure you would have had one of these colourful plastic ponies. How they have changed! The ponies have slightly feline characteristics and now morph into humans! The pony I chose was blue with a rainbow coloured mane and tail, had wings, and has something that you scan so you can play on a tablet – what’s happened to kids imaginations nowadays? 

 Whilst I wrapped the present I scratched my head and tried to remember my old toys.

The first My Little Pony I had was bought for me by Mum at a little Post Office near her cousin’s farm. I remember walking from the tumbledown stone farm, through the ford, and into the nearby village. The toy was a small pony, bright pink in colour, with a vivid purple, long mane and tail. The motif on her quarters was a purple bunny rabbit.

Obviously my Mum, an A-star hoarder, has my old toys still in the loft, but I didn’t have a photo of this favourite toy to hand so I scoured the Internet and found a few interesting things:

  1. Firstly, here is my first pony albeit with a highlighted mane not the vivid purple of mine.  
  2.   This pony was also in my collection, and was a close favourite because of the rainbow mane. Another favourite was bright pink with a glittery blue mane and tail.
  3. There’s a My Little Pony fan who has her own blog – See here – who seems to know all about the toys. 
  4. My Little Pony was psychedelic in the 80s, a bit like the original Care Bears I guess. So the bright colours are not a recent effect, it’s just that technology has improved enough to bring the psychedelic to our TV screens.
  5. There have been hundreds of generations of My Little Pony’s, but all have a happy ending and moral to their stories.

Fingers crossed my niece likes her present, but as I’ve seen her with a My Little Pony backpack I have my hopes high.

P.s. I’ve found my original Pony!


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