Clipping Fun

I seem to have done a lot of clipping so far this year; someone told me they thought it was the worst job of all, but I have to say that it`s quite satisfying. Yes hair flying into your eyes and mouth during a whirling dervish isn`t the best feeling in the world, but the sight of a clean, clipped horse makes it all worthwhile.

Now, however, everyone`s getting a bit carried away with motifs on the hindquarters. I was asked at the beginning of November by a young child if she could have a picture on her horse. His name is “Dripping in Diamonds”. Now that`s a hint and a half …

I`ve done the basic hearts on plenty of horses, but rarely attempted anything harder.

So I got my thinking cap on and did some googling for suitable pictures to copy, and the net result is:


I thought I`d better get a bit of practice in today, so with an ample bottomed horse I had a play. Can you work out the catchphrase?

A couple of years ago I blogged about clipping art – here – and I still don`t think that any amount of practice will enable me to clip a skull and crossbones!

I`ll just continue with my traditional clips. I`ve done loads of blanket clips this year; I`ve always liked them but all the lines make them tricky. By the time January comes I`ll have really got my eye in and be able to whizz off a blanket clip… and then the demand will cease until next September!


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