Should I really be doing this?

With horses all now living in, fully clipped, full of haylage, and with the north wind under their tails, I know a few people who have parted company with their horses over the weekend. It reminded me of this story …

The Rubber Curry Comb

As a mature apprentice with my riding road safety and stage 2 exams under my belt I was qualified enough at my training yard to escort hacks. No stranger to hacking, I had hacked my own horses out with kids at the yard I grew up on and was usually the responsible adult when I went with my Mum and friends.
So ths particular January day, my yard manager told me I was taking a hack out, of girls from the local uni. Great I thought, good company and not having to go at a snails pace.
I had a selection of mounts; a roan 13hh pony, a 17hh gentle giant, a 16hh mare, 15hh beginners mare, and a speedy 14.2hh Welsh section D for myself.

The girls arrived and I introduced myself, and discovered that there were 2 experienced riders and 2 lesser experienced, but had still ridden previously…

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