My New Book!

One of my recent journeys of self discovery has led me to learn that I’m not very good at self promotion and selling myself. So here is a shameless blog about my new book.

This is the fifth book of the Awelon Tyn series, and focuses on the run up to Christmas and all the fun horsey activities involved.

Scratch that, I’ll try again.

The Awelon Tyn Stories are a series of books about a small riding stables in South Wales. Awelon Tyn means “windy farm” or small holding to be more precise, but I chose it in the hope that non Welsh  people can pronounce it (ah-well-on tin) and it rolls off the tongue nicely. 

The protagonists of these stories are a group of ten year olds – Tilly, Emily, Isla and Calvin – who learn how to look after their ponies, learn to ride and have lots of fun on the way. They’re helped by their instructor, Sian, and her teenage helpers, Gemma and Millie.

It’s wintertime in the fifth book, Festive Fun at Awelon Tyn, and the younger children learn how to help with lessons and how to look after horses in winter. At the beginning of the Christmas holidays the girls go to London to watch Olympia to kick off the festive season. That weekend it’s the famous Christmas gymkhana at Awelon Tyn so all the children, helpers and ponies get involved with the fun and games.
Anyway, the childrens books are available from Amazon – Here.

I think the reason I find it so hard to blag about my books is that my imagination has always been mine, and I never realised how private it is. When I had a bad day, or felt lonely or troubled, I would retreat into the sanctuary of my imagination. When your thoughts are written down you suddenly feel naked.

Awelon Tyn is loosely based on the yard that I grew up on. Small, friendly, and run in the old fashioned way, with the influences of the modern, more industrious riding schools that I’ve encountered. Yes, the stories resound my memories, such as our annual gymkhana, but I think they mainly draw of my professional experience rather than my childhood.

I think exposing your inner thoughts also puts you in the firing line for criticism. Which I’m not very good at taking! Someone told me today about a friend who had been slated by a book critic. So please, if you don’t enjoy my books or blogs don’t tell me!

Even when I get a poor dressage score it takes me ages to get up the guts to read the judge’s comments. The idea of failure or not living up to expectations horrifies me. Hence the lack of self promotion in business and in life. I try to ignore blemishes on my record and not discuss it – like that A in English literature…

In retrospect perhaps I should’ve created a pseudonym to give myself some anonymity. This blog started off anonymous, and you get a certain amount of freedom. You get confident and discuss sensitive issues, such as the horse meat scandal, with antagonistic views to raise a debate. Kind of like  Jeremy Corbyn. 

Enough of a ramble. Please feel free to check out my books, and if you enjoy them I would love feedback (you can throw in an odd piece of constructive criticism if you want). 

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