A Token of Appreciation

To those of you who are friends on my Facebook, or those who read Horse and Rider magazine, this is old hat, but it is my excitement of the day so I`m going to share it!

Although I`m very lucky in many areas of my life, winning prizes has never been my strong point. As a child I always went to Weymouth Carnival with my cousins and grandparents to spend our pocket money on the stalls. Year after year they would lug home Tazmanian Devil`s the size of them, while I was either empty handed or had been given the teddy bear that my Granny had won. So it was a couple of months ago that I entered a competition on the spur of the moment.

It was a back copy (it`s a law in my house that when the latest copy of a magazine arrives I make time to read the previous one) of Horse and Rider magazine and every month they run an “Ariat Inspiration of the Month” award and quite often there are friends or parents nominated for helping care for horses in times of illness or difficulty. I put together an email, and found a recent photo, and off it zipped through the ether.

Afterwards, I read what the prizes were – very much geared towards female riders, who are probably the most frequent winners. However, I didn`t think it would really matter as, knowing my history with competitions, we wouldn`t be winning.

Fast forwards to today, and the latest issue arrived last week, but I still haven`t read last months copy, which is next to my bed. I was checking my emails this afternoon, and almost deleted one which looked like a company advertising more products.

Thankfully, I opened it, and then started jumping up and down. My nomination had won “Ariat Inspiration of the Month”! I bounded up the stairs and found the copy by my bed, leafed through and then raced downstairs again to show anyone I could find.

Once I`d calmed down and told all the relevant parties, I went back to the email and learnt that the prizes were being changed to more masculine products, so I responded with the various specifications required.


Above is the article from the magazine, please feel free to leave comments for Otis`s famous chauffeur to read, I know he is overwhelmed by compliments he`s received via Facebook.

Does anyone else have any unsung heroes (Wind Beneath My Wings springs to mind), or people who deserve some recognition? If so, perhaps we could set up a chain of “Token of Appreciation” blogs.

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