People of the horse world are renowned for being a little strange, so let’s get Christmas off to a good start by talking about our little quirks and hang ups. What do you guys do religiously, however small, in your daily stable routine? The weirder the better!

I’ll start us off. 

An instructor I knew always insisted lead ropes were clipped so the clip was away from the chin. Something I still think of when clipping them on now!

Personally I alway hang bridles in a figure of eight and I hate seeing martingales and reins looped everywhere in a tack room. As you can imagine, Micklem bridles cause me no end of problems as I have to sacrifice the “8” shape.

I also have a thing about doing up flash straps after untacking so I don’t lose the strap, it worse still, the running keeper. Which brings me on to a common hang up – bridle straps not being in through their running keepers. I know that’s quite a common thing to niggle over.

So who’s got any idiosyncrasies to share? 

Does anyone alway adjust the saddle before mounting, even if it’s in the correct place? You just undo your girth, pick it up and put it back down again. One friend always puts her saddle on before her bridle.

Or what about always knotting something up in a certain way?

Or always removing your saddle cloth in the tack room? One client I know always has to put the excess of her stirrup leather through the keeper, even if it’s barely long enough.

What about when mucking out? Do you have a little quirk in your procedure? Do you always have to fill your bucket to the brim even if your horse never drinks more than half?

Let us know in the comments your quirks and procedures that you always do, or obsess about when looking after your horse!

2 thoughts on “Idiosyncrasies 

  1. Charlotte Dec 24, 2015 / 9:29 pm

    Do the figure of eight thing but not with lean bridles.
    Always turn the girth sweaty side up to put saddle away.
    Buckle rugs with the clip at the front towards the horse (probably as have had to rescue one attached to the fence because flip facing outwards.
    Always clip throat lash of head collar even if not required as convinced a swinging buckle will blind the horse if it shakes it’s head.

    Happy Christmas

    • therubbercurrycomb Dec 24, 2015 / 11:11 pm

      Oh yes I’d forgotten that I always do rug buckles like that for the same reason!

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