Christmas limbo (the week between Christmas and New Years) is a time for chocolate, TV, family, and time off work. Well, I’m halfway there.

On tonight’s chocolate menu are mince pie brownies (from a client and blog reader), and I’ll probably follow up last nights comedy with another Michael McIntyre DVD. My failings so far for Christmas limbo is that we haven’t yet made it to Wales to visit my family (partly due to my car being in the sick bay) and I’ve also been working today. When I say working, I mean riding. Five hours in the saddle and one teaching! Who needs to join a gym in January?!

I digress. Going back to my to-do list of Christmas limbo. I was watching Michael McIntyre last night and this clip reminded me of one of our Great Family Stories, which I’m sure I will hear again this week, but I thought I’d share it with you.

But firstly, watch the clip – The Great Family Story Cue.

My Dad grew up in Dorset, eldest of three boys and son of a strict and proud army officer and his long suffering wife. I’ll probably be corrected of these details tomorrow, but it’s enough.

This story involves my Dad, James, aged 7 and the middle brother, Andrew, aged 3. The youngest hadn’t been dreamt of at that time. I don’t think, anyway. It was Armistices Day and their Father was ready in his uniform to march in the parade in Dorchester. James and his Mother were also in their Sunday best, ready to go, but little Andrew was in bed, refusing to get up.

Unlike Michael McIntyre, their Father didn’t bluff. He shouted at his son and then got in the car with Mother and James to drive the six miles to Dorchester.

They managed to arrive on time and James and Mother joined the throngs waiting for the soldiers to parade past. 

Then, just as the soldiers, immaculately presented and in formation, marched down the road a tricycle bell rang loudly and a three year old, scruffy, bedraggled Andrew pedalled furiously through the parade, weaving around the men. He whizzed past them and continued up the hill to his Grandmother’s farm.

In the meantime, James and Mother hid their faces with embarrassment whilst Father glowered amongst the ranks.
I hope you laughed as much as we do every time we hear that story!

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