So, how is everyone getting on with their New Years resolutions?

If I’m honest, I’ve not really set myself any 2016 goals. It’s more of a continuation from last year – build on Otis’s training and the competitions at the end of the year. And of course I’ll try the usual health kick that everyone tries … Once I’ve eaten all my stash of Christmas chocolate of course!

One thing I’m really going to try to do is to “eat that frog”. Have you ever heard that expression before?

I heard it first from my soon-to-be mother-in-law over dinner a couple of years ago when we were talking about me handing in my resignation before going self employed. She said that if you should always do your worst job at the beginning of the day, such as eating something as nasty as a frog, so it doesn’t hang over you and make you sick with dread.

Writing this article led me to do some research and I found the root of the saying.

I’m not very good at eating frogs. I sit there, like I did earlier to do my December accounts (which seems so much harder when it is such a dim and distant memory rather than the previous day), and find a hundred other little jobs to do or distractions. I feel guilty and uneasy that I’ve got this hard/boring/difficult job yet I struggle to knuckle down. Of course, the job is never as tedious as I envisage and I feel so much better when it’s ticked off the list.

Recently I’ve tried to eat the frog in my work. It’s not that there’s any horse I dislike riding, but some of them need more mental or physical effort than others! So I’ve been getting up early and riding the horse that needs all my concentration and ticking them off my list means that the rest of my day flows smoothly and I feel like I’m on the homeward stretch, even if there’s another four horses to ride! Doing the intense schooling early on is also useful because that’s when I can concentrate for longer – no hunger pangs and not very many people to distract me, and the sense of achievement motivates me for the rest of the day.

So try it next time you have a long to-do list and hopefully you’ll find relief and motivation in getting the biggest and worst job over and done with!

It’s not a New Years resolution, but it’s a habit I want to try to get into. 


3 thoughts on “Resolutions 

  1. theponydraw Jan 8, 2016 / 1:16 am

    This rings true for me and my efforts to get my and my horses fit again for 2016! The chilly weather helps me make all kinds of excuses!

    • therubbercurrycomb Jan 8, 2016 / 8:09 pm

      The wet weather gives the best excuse – I hate being soaked thru and all the arenas are waterlogged and bridlepaths almost impassable 😦

  2. Katharine Marie Jan 8, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    What a good way of looking at it! I think I’ll try this in my own life 🙂

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