Effortlessly Glamourous

A combination of being on the home straight for our wedding and venturing out into town last weekend I`m finding myself in a bit of a pickle.

I`ve never been a girlie girl, or paid a lot of attention to my looks, aside from having clean clothes and not being covered in mud! In town I feel out of place against the high street catwalk, and around the yard I see so many people looking effortlessly glamourous and I just wonder how they manage it?

I mean, take a look at your hands. If they`re anything like mine they`re black under the nails. Yes, even just a little bit. Regardless of how long I spend with a nail brush I can never get all the grime out. I keep my nails short as I can`t function with long clicky fingers. Thankfully my nails are really strong because they rarely break. That`s more of an annoyance than a fashion faux-pas because broken edges snag on everything. Then of course are the actual hands. I spend ages every day washing my hands, or using the anti-bacterial wash in my car, and following this with super softening hand cream. Only by religiously following this routine are my hands presentable enough to the rest of society. I hate that feeling when you dash into the shop for some lunch and the cashier stares at your hands as you hand over your money …

So apart from keeping my nails short, I steer well clear of any manicure procedures. But then I see livery ladies with purple painted, long, false nails, all of which are immaculate. How do they keep them so perfect? On Sunday I decided to try and be more girlie and paint my nails. Within minutes I realised why I never do it. Because I can`t sit still! I never wait long enough for the nails to become solid, so I end up with smudges and finger prints across my nails. Or lumps where I`ve tried to repair the damage. Or my nails being rather two tone. Anyway, after some mockery from my fiancé about my poor painting, and the fact most of my nail beds were painted too, I decided to leave it. Perhaps next time I should challenge him to a manicure duel.

Monday morning came and by lunchtime I had realised precisely why I don`t bother to paint my nails. I was already sporting a couple of chips. So tell me, those of you who have immaculate fingertips, how do you manage it?!

Moving swiftly on to the rest of the components of looking effortlessly glamourous. Or not so in my case!

My hair is forever in a tangle; tied in a pony tail it twists into ringlets, and when plaited, stray wisps blow into my eyes. I see some ladies with loose hair … how does it not drive you up the wall? Other people just have hair that behaves itself and always looks tidy.

Then of course is the outfit. I`m sure you can now see in your mind`s eye that one livery owner who is always in clean clothes, with not a speck of mud or horse saliva to be seen. How many times this winter have I been leading in from the field and been splashed up the back by a horse, leaving lovely damp mud spots all up the back of my legs and bum? Too many for my liking! And their clothes are always co-ordinated. The only time I`ve ever coordinated my wardrobe is by pure accident and then I tend to look like a tin of paint has been thrown over me – blue jodhpurs and a blue hoodie … If I`ve got dressed in the dark there is always the risk of a blue polo shirt too …

So, if you`re one of those women who look effortlessly glamourous about the yard, please spill some of your secrets! How on earth do you manage to stay so clean and tidy, and how do you find the time to spend ensuring you look your best?

One thought on “Effortlessly Glamourous

  1. rachelreunis Feb 4, 2016 / 7:46 am

    Ohhhh this sounds so familiar! I do not have the magic formula for the immaculate outfit, but one can only dream (check out my fashion blog thestylishequestrian.com). The hands, however, are a lost cause…

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