What a Day …

After Pilates tonight I feel like I’ve recovered a bit from my day.

Monday’s are usually quiet for me, so I’m not sure what happened today. I woke up with achey legs from mine and Otis’s exploits on the gallops yesterday – a total of six miles of fast canter and gallop, proving he is getting fitter. 

Anyway, I had one mare to school before my 9am lesson. She worked really consistently, without her usual “bite me” attitude, so I was pleased. The lesson went smoothly, despite a very fresh BFG, and he really relaxed down into the contact, using his back and his hind legs started to match the action of his forelegs. What was nice was that the BFG focused on his work and was more consistent than I’ve seen him for a while.

After that I schooled another mare  over poles and jumps. She lost her confidence last week, but thankfully she is still happy with poles so I used them and cavaletti to help strengthen her and then put up some jumps. She was perfectly happy with the jumps when they were built up slowly so I will continue in this vein for a few sessions. My legs were definitely starting to fatigue by now though.

The next job of the day was to clip a shire cross under sedation. Amazingly, the vet was very early, so it was a mad rush to finish schooling and get ready to clip. Because the horse is so big, hairy, and his feathers needed taking off, there were two of us clipping. The sedation went well and off we went. The other set of clippers only seemed to be working at half speed, so I cracked on. And then with a whir and a scream the motor of my clippers died! I was horrified – the motor was replaced in December and I’ve only clipped a handful of horses since. A quick phone call later and I managed to get hold of a friend’s clippers and using my blades, we clipped the Shire’s body. As we were rapidly running out of time we decided to leave the legs on.

From this I schooled a thoroughbred and then hacked one of my favourite regulars. My body was definitely telling me I’d had enough riding by now. However, I had another lesson to finish the day, which focusd on consolidating the leg yield work from the previous lesson.

Then home for dinner and Pilates.

The main part of my wonderings was to decide whether I should upgrade my clippers, and if so to what. I currently have Lister star clippers and ten sets of blades. I think I need to look at the professional range of clippers, and which machines are compatible with lister blades.

Over to you guys. What clippers do you use and how do you rate them?

One thought on “What a Day …

  1. hiddenhoarder Feb 23, 2016 / 4:42 am

    I have an Andis clipper but I only have the 2 horses that don’t require much clipping 🙂

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