Otis’s Diary

An extract of Otis’s diary whilst I am away.

Dear Diary,

Breakfast turned up a bit earlier today which is just as well as I had munched my way through the half slice of hay. I blame those woolly jumpers who ate all my grass!

The groom removed a large wheelbarrow load of old hay from the other side of the bitey fence – at least I assume it bites like the other tape fences – but there is still a lot more to pick up. He also muttered something about a few more warm days and the docks will have enough new growth to spray.

He said that there is no proper tea on Cape Verde so does that mean mum will be back very soon? – I’m missing her.

Dear Diary,

The groom is getting better – breakfast was at 8.30 although he did complain about the traffic. I suggested he got up earlier and returned to his paddock (or garden as he calls it) via the lanes.

It was a lovely sunny day although there was a biting wind which made him wish he had a hat on.

I walked the groom to my stable and let him practice his grooming. No where near as good as mum of course.


Dear Diary,

 Well, today has been interesting! My servant was a bit earlier but apparently there was lots of traffic – at least that was his excuse. I could not say too much though as I had had a bit of an accident when I was practicing my emergency stops. My front driver’s side shoe came off and the groom spotted it sticking up out of the ground as he brought me my breakfast. He rang my friend who was luckily at a nearby stables and took me in to my stable where he abandoned me for the morning.

The groom apparently drove to pick up replacement “bitey fence” posts. Note to self – do not let him choose rug colours as I have now got one orange post and 9 white ones so heaven knows what colour rug he would get.

Anyway the farrier turned up 10ish and replaced my shoe and I ate hay until the groom turned up again at 3. I decided to tease the groom a bit on the way back to the field by stopping every so often and just gazing around at the view. He kept on looking to see what had caught my attention.

I don’t think mum has a very good hotel whilst she is away as, unlike me, she has to walk to her food and does not have it delivered like I do.

I think the groom looked a bit tired when he left so I might give him an easier day tomorrow – that is if he brings me some more carrots.

Good night diary.

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