Knock Knees

One of the horses I hack wears knee boots, and the modern type are much better fitting than the ancient canvas ones with leather pads that we used in my Stage 2 exam.
Re-reading the original post, I guess knee boots are out of fashion because roads are a better quality, not as slippery, and we don’t have as many cobbled streets! Also advancements in shoeing and road nails will also affect their use as horses are less likely to slip over or trip.

The Rubber Curry Comb

Driving home the other day I passed two women riding. One of the horses was wearing knee boots. I haven’t seen them for ages. Probably not since my Stage 2 exam.

So why are knee boots a dying trend? Is it because roads are a better quality and without cobblestones, which makes them less slippery or trip-upable? Or perhaps advances in shoeing styles and techniques, such as natural balance shoes, mean that domestic horses have better foot confirmation and their toes don’t get as long. It could be that our breeding programmes means hooves are a better shape and front legs are a better conformation. Perhaps horses are all better schooled and thus better balanced. Added to the introduction of travel boots, there is less of a requirement for knee boots.

I remember fitting knee boots; top strap just above the chestnut and as tight as possible. I think one…

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