Accidental Matchy Matchy

A couple of weeks ago one of the straps on one of Otis`s saddle cloths snapped while I was riding. No biggie, it is still functional. But then I realised that aside from a white competition saddle cloth I haven’t bought a new every day one for four or five years. I just alternate between the two dressage ones and the two smaller ones for the jump saddle. So I figured the special boy should have a treat.

I looked online at different styles and makes, and then surprised myself for plumping for two reasonably priced Le Mieux saddle cloths – one for the jump saddle and one for the dressage saddle. I`m not one for following the Jones` and tend to buy things that are functional, and sensibly priced without being in the bargain bin. Usually I steer clear from labels and brands.

As Otis is a nice bright bay that most colours go with I picked a couple of bright colours as a change from the previous burgundy and navy colour scheme. The dressage pad is turquoise – one of my favourite colours – and the jump pad is blackberry.

I was very excited about trying them out. We`ve never had such snazzy cloths. The girth straps are Velcro, contoured, there`s reinforced areas under my leg, the D-ring straps are contoured on the dressage pad, and the long straps are long enough to go around the half pad under my jump saddle.

So I got my dressage pad out for my lesson earlier this week, tacked Otis up and then realised in horror. We were matching! I had on my favourite turquoise t-shirt (mainly chosen because of the breathable fabric and the fact I had a long list of horses to exercise). To make matters worse, my hat silk is turquoise and navy.

I felt like a right dweeb. Joking apart, it didn`t affect Otis`s performance in the slightest, and I thought the pad fitted very nicely. It`s not that I don`t appreciate seeing matchy-matchy horse and rider combinations, but I still don`t permit Otis to wear bling, so there`s no way I will be going own the road of matchy-matchy. I think that I am too boring/tight/workmanlike/practical/busy to have a collection of different saddle clothes, matching bandages, and then think about co-ordinating my outfit with his saddle cloth. Nor do I think I`m organised to have the right colour washed, dried and at the yard on the right day!

I think I`ll leave the matchy-matchy fad for the real dressage divas, and just enjoy Otis looking incredibly handsome in his turquoise.

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