Who`s To Blame?

This is more of a debate really, and down to you guys for your input.

When things go wrong with your horse, be it at a competition, in a schooling session, or just on the ground, who do you blame?

Do you blame yourself?

Do you blame your horse?

Do you blame external factors, such as the venue, the weather, the rest of the competition?

Or is it a mixture depending on what the problem is?

One thing I`ve learnt about myself recently is that I blame myself. Unless there`s a blatently obvious reason, such a hailstorm during my dressage test, I come away from a competition being very hard on myself. Even if it`s not achieving an aim in a lesson with Otis, or even a client not completely understanding a concept during a lesson, I go away and beat myself up about it, feeling like a failure.

What does that tell me about myself as a rider? That I`m a perfectionist? That I’m a workaholic? That I have low self-esteem? That I over-analyse things?

Who knows, I sure don`t. Except that I then have to make a firm plan to sort myself out!

But anyway, back to you guys. Who do you tend to blame when everything goes pear-shaped? And what do you think that tells you about yourself as a rider or horse owner? And how do you then plan to overcome this blip? More lessons, change of equipment, refuse to ever do that type of competition again, or refuse to visit a venue ever again?

Comment below with your thoughts.

On a lighter note, here is a headcam video of Otis flying today – click here

4 thoughts on “Who`s To Blame?

  1. Jen Jul 4, 2016 / 8:41 pm

    I always blame myself. I wouldn’t say that’s a negative thing either! So often I hear people blaming their horses and even using violent ways to ‘show them a thing or two’. I don’t believe from my studies that horses think the same way as humans. How on earth they are expected to know things like ‘they must be good today because I have the farrier coming and I’m in a rush’ or ‘they knew I’m in a hurry so they’ve done it deliberately’. I find it hilarious how often we put human emotion onto our horses and it’s scary how often they get blamed when most of the time (in fact all the time) it’s our own doing. Maybe we didn’t read something right or they misunderstood what we thought we were teaching them and then they offer the behaviour again and get told off. Being a horse is so confusing, I feel sorry for them! I think the fact that I always think it’s something I’ve done (before even thinking it was the horse) makes me far calmer in dealing with horses. I have a hunger to learn more and improve what I’m doing. I do have very high standards though like you and yeah I definitely get frustrated with myself when I can’t get things right, but I don’t think we should ever try and stop learning when it comes to horses.

  2. hiddenhoarder Jul 5, 2016 / 11:41 pm

    My daughter and I always joke that if it’s someone’s own horse, then it’s a horse problem and if it’s someone else’s horse, then it’s a people problem.

  3. nbohl Jul 7, 2016 / 2:07 am

    I always blame myself…. Unless my horse is just being a jackass than its totally him lol

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