Otis and The Vet

Otis had his annual injections today and what seems to be an annual eye test. He had the stain put in his eye, which showed his eye to be in great condition but suggests another tear duct blockage. So he’s started this course of eye drops and his vet record has been updated to state that he is prone to them because he has small tear ducts, so I can request eye drops without him seeing a vet which should make it much easier to keep on top of the condition.

The Rubber Curry Comb

Otis was due his vaccinations today. Well, tomorrow actually, but I cut it as fine as I could so I got free call out on a zone visit, which just happens to be a Tuesday. Anyway, Otis came in readily and enjoyed himself mutual grooming the youngsters in the neighbouring stables while we waited for the vet to be fashionably late.

I was lucky, he was only fifteen minutes late. When the vet arrived I asked him if he could have a look at Otis`s eye.

Now Otis`s eye has got a bit of a story to it. Last year he got a nasty cut inside his right ear, which almost looked like a burn. After trying to treat it I had to have him sedated and the wound cleaned out thoroughly, an antibiotic jab, and some steroid cream for me to try and put in (I did various impressions…

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