The Pink Phenomenon 

Some of you in the UK may have noticed pink haylage bales popping up on farms. They’ve got a good reason to be there, for every roll of pink wrapping bought £3 is donated to the Breast Cancer Now charity. Then farmers are encouraging anyone who buys a pink bale to donate to a breast cancer charity too. I think some are including a donation in the selling price.

Anyway, there is also pink hay bale netting available, which I am yet to see.

One of my clients was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is halfway through her chemotherapy, so to cheer her up I made this video when I took another horse onto the gallops and encountered the infamous pink bales.

Watch Capische and The Pink Phenomenon here!
I hope you get a laugh from the video, it was certainly entertaining to ride past them. If anyone is feeling generous then please feel free to Donate here.
Otherwise, when you see a pink bale on your travels, take a moment to think about those fighting breast cancer, because seeing pink dotted around the countryside is a stern reminder of the disease.

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