Pony Club Anecdote #2

I was testing the teenagers on their stable management in preparation for their C-test.

They were all lined up, slouched, arms folded, resenting this new instructor (I thought “I’m not that much older than them so it’s hard to gain authority and respect. I’ll prefer teaching them when I’m older.” Then I realised that I was double their age – when did I get so old?!). 

Anyway, we were discussing travelling horses and I asked one boy,

“Describe how you would load a horse?”

His response, and get your imagination ready, because it conjures up a great image.

“Well you walk the horse up to look at the lorry. Turn him round, walk a couple of strides away, then turn towards the ramp. Smack him with the whip and trot up the ramp.”

I’m sure you’ve all got the same image in your head that I had, as I tried not to laugh and tactfully asked if the whip needed to be used with every horse …

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