Pony Club Anecdote #3

It’s the penultimate day of camp and my little riders are showjumping. We had warmed up and done some work on their lines to and from jumps as well as their jumping position (not that you would know because they promptly forgot it when faced with more than one jump!) over a cross pole, so they were ready to practice jumping the whole course while the official photographer took some snaps.

Whilst each child jumped the others were lined up and supposed to be watching and supporting. 

However, halfway through one round I turned to check on my riders, only to find one cheeky monkey chatting away to her friend, facing backwards, and sitting BEHIND the saddle! The pony stood still, completely oblivious.

The good news for you readers, is that the photographer caught it all on camera. Sitting backwards, and then scrambling back into the saddle at my exclamation.

Here is the link to the photos, make sure you scroll right for the full effect –See here

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