Counting Elephants 

I thought it was worth revisiting this basic exercise about trot diagonals. Who can identify which diagonal they are on without looking?

The Rubber Curry Comb

This anecdote came up recently with a client and I wondered when it stopped being taught.

When I began horse riding at age six I joined the lead rein lesson. All six ponies were led and we did steering in rides and on our own, before halting at B (always on the right rein) and trotting “to the rear of the ride”, a phrase I took for granted by didn’t fully comprehend until about ten.

When we trotted we had to count our elephants whilst sitting (or bouncing) before rising – “one elephant, two elephant, three elephant, rise!”

I hated this for two reasons;

  1. Why should I shout nonsense in front of other people? Doing it in my head was far better – more grown up, I thought. I was forever being told to speak more loudly.
  2. What is the point in counting elephants? There aren’t any and I might…

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