Best Friends

With the imminent reunion of Otis and Matt, I wonder if they remember each other from six years ago. I used to go up to catch Matt and Otis would spy me from across the field and march over determinedly, lower lip wobbling and then follow me down onto the yard and walk straight into his stable. If dinner was there he tucked in, but if the bowl was empty I had to shut the door quickly before Otis exited to inspect any buckets on the yard!

The Rubber Curry Comb

Isn’t it funny how some horses or ponies are best friends, and some are a bit of a loner. But how do they pick their friends?
I guess sometimes we almost force a friendship by, say riding with one of our friends and their mount, or maybe the horses befriend each other because they know they have a chance of coming in for food with that person? My mum has a welsh cob and he is always in the field with her friends mare. But the net result is that my mum can’t bring Matt in without Chelsea following. But the funny thing is that before mum rode Matt, when I had him, he never looked twice at Chelsea!
Horses are clever though, in the autumn when they start to get hungry my mum will go up to feed Matt and end up bringing Chelsea in, as well as another…

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