Lunge Cavessons

Last week when I lunged Matt for the first time I came to appreciate my Cottage Craft lunge Cavesson. Matt’s sat awkwardly around the bridle and the centre ring didn’t swivel so the lunge line didn’t flip over his nose easily when I changed the rein. So once I’d finished, I returned it to Matt’s wardrobe (the trailer, that hasn’t been unpacked yet) and resorted to using Otis’s.

Unfortunately, Otis’s is coming to the end of it’s life. At ten years old it’s a bit rusty and the pins of the buckles get jammed. But it’s the best lunge cavesson on the market, and the one that I always recommend to clients – I need to replace mine!

But what makes the Cottage Craft cavesson so good?

Let me try to tell you without sounding like a sales woman.

It’s made of tough webbing, yet actually moulds to any shape head.  Helped in part by the fact that there are three buckles, so you can adjust the cavesson around the nose, below the jaw, and behind the poll. Which means that a cob cavesson fits most shaped heads. Other cavessons can be too big around the nose, or too tight, so move or rub the horse once you have a contact on the lunge line. There are also lots of holes on each strap so a cob size will fit a big pony and a horse, with plenty of flexibility to fit the large jawed, or narrow nosed heads.

I also particularly like the number of rings on the noseband. The central one  swivels in all directions so changing the rein is instantaneous – I don’t like lunging off the bit unless absolutely necessary. Rings on the side are also useful for attaching side reins to; so you can usefully educate a horse on the lunge without a bit, if they had a sore mouth for example. You can also double lunge off the two side rings, which stops the mouth being ruined.

The noseband also has removable and adjustable soft padding so you can prevent rubbing, and keep it clean easily. But because it’s only padded there, the cavesson fits around bridles easily, so the position of the bit in the mouth isn’t upset. I find that most horses work better in this cavesson because of the better fit and security.

Unfortunately I haven’t got a photo of anyone modelling the cavesson, but below is a photo of one. Above is Matt showing off his developing topline with the cavesson. 

My only criticism is that it comes with a browband, which is completely unnecessary if you use a bridle, but as it can be  removed easily it isn’t really a problem.  

Not the cheapest on the market, the fact that mine has lasted ten years, means that it’s actually pretty good value so worth splashing out.

Anyway, enough sales talk from me, I’d better get ordering! 

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