Matt`s Diary – Week 4


The Chauffeur fed me breakfast again. Apparently Young Mum was having a lie in. When she eventually surfaced in the afternoon she had funny coloured fingers and straight hair –  weird! She lunged me and I dined with Otis. Well, rather Otis scoffed down his meagre dinner (apparently box rest is making him a tad rotund) and then craned his neck and started licking my dinner off my face! Gross!


Well, she was back to normal today – up at the crack of dawn to practice Prelim 2. My dressage debut is getting closer! It`s not so hard really, except for this strange free walk on a long rein. Apparently I`m not supposed to lift my head and look around …

Young Mum told me I`m getting good at telling the time, I’m always waiting for breakfast and dinner.


It seems that Tuesday is my day of rest; Young Mum is busy riding early morning, but tonight she was late! Dinner was over an hour late. Apparently, she`d ridden six horses and clipped two so was very tired. I forgave her and Otis told her not to bother grooming him so she could go home for a nice hot bath.


This morning it was Novice 27 that we practiced. It has some kind of weird half circles and something called giving and retaking the reins. Which is when Young Mum throws the reins at me and expects me to keep cantering without losing my rhythm or outline! I tell you, it`s difficult!

I`m pleased to report that dinner was on time today.


It was still dark when Young Mum took me into the arena for our dressage lesson this morning. We started warming up and then practiced all the different parts of the dressage tests. I think I understand this free walk on a long rein malarkey, and I think the test is looking pretty good – I hope I do Young Mum proud! Especially as I heard that Old Mum is coming to watch!

Dinner was late again today; standards are slipping here in Berkshire. Particularly as my field hasn’t been poo-picked today either. If things don`t improve I will have to insist on The Chauffeur taking over responsibility for my care.


I was lying down in the dark, at the top of my field, when Young Mum crept up on my this morning. What on earth was she getting me up at that sort of time?

It turns out that I was due my pedicure. It wasn`t my usual farrier, but a tousled, half-asleep, young man. He was very friendly and said hello to Otis before doing my feet. I stood perfectly still, showing off my good manners, and then promised to see him in six weeks time. Unfortunately also at seven o`clock in the morning …

I got to eat breakfast in my lovely stable, and then Young Mum took me back to my field after teaching the lovely grey mare that I have been keeping my eye on. Unfortunately, I`ve heard on the grapevine that she is rather taken by Otis …


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