Fireworks Night

It’s that time of year folks!

If you are lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere, such as the Welsh mountains, fireworks night will pass you by. The horses will be nonplussed by the distant pop and fizzle of rockets and Catherine wheels, perhaps occasionally seeing a smattering of sparks. But for those of us in the more populated areas of the country, fireworks are a nightmare!

The trouble is, that fireworks begun popping up, excuse the phrase, a fortnight before Guy Fawkes Night, and continue for the following week. That means that there is three weeks of triple checking our horses, hoping they don’t panic at the noises, stressed and tense horses, weight loss … The list is endless. 

So what can we do? Share this post and poster for starters to help educate the non-equestrian community.

On the yard it is a good idea to pool resources. Find out when any organised shows are on, put up posters and put leaflets through nearby house doors – perhaps with a contact number so they can let a nominated person know if they are doing fireworks in the garden.  

It’s a good idea to stable the horses, especially those who are worried by fireworks. If some can’t be stabled the. Check they are in the right field – far away from the fireworks show, with good fencing, plenty of forage, and other horses nearby. These horses will need late night checks, so perhaps a rota can be drawn up so everyone takes a turn.

If there’s a big fireworks show near the yard, then it’s wise to have people at the yard to supervise the horses. Maybe get some hot chocolate and pizza, and you can all watch the show from the comfort of the hay bales? 

Otis was terrified of the fireworks the first year he left Wales, but I think he was most concerned about was the noises when he couldn’t see the displays. Now, he’s not so worried. However, it is Matt’s first time out of the depths of Wales so from tomorrow he will be stabled at night because the surrounding villages got a bit firework-happy. Hopefully the fact the other horses are unconcerned will settle Matt.

Hopefully we can educate the non-horsey, and work together as a yard to make sure the horses get through the next couple of weeks safely. 

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