Matt’s Diary – Week 5


For a weekend, Young Mum was up early and lunging me into the ground. I can now canter with the weird Pessoa-bum-hitting thing. It’s easy when you know how! Young Mum says I’ve put on weight because Otis’s girth now fits me… I disagree. It’s all these tummy muscles I’ve now got. But I was pleased to hear that she’s bought me my very own Pessoa so I can show off to Old Mum when I go home.


The Chauffeur fed me this morning and did a very good job of cleaning my field. I am impressed that he feels the need to clean it twice a day. I mean, Otis gets his stable done twice a day so I should too really. Maybe I’ll ask Young Mum…

This afternoon she took me for a hack. I wasn’t very impressed that she had deserted me in the morning and then expected me to work hard in the afternoon! So I cantered away from her in the field. We did have a nice hack though. Not enough open fields for my liking though.



We had an early morning dressage session this morning, learning my tests in the dark. I’m feeling pretty confident about them now. At least, I know where I’m going.


Today was my day off and Young Mum quickly fed me because she had lots of other horses to ride. She didn’t even poo pick my field!

I assumed she would do it this afternoon, when she served dinner. And she did. In a fashion. However, I’m convinced I did more than five droppings since Sunday and she definitely missed the top corner of my paddock. I made a note to complain to The Chauffeur when I see him on the weekend. He’ll sort it out.


More dressage practice today, and a quick jump at the end. Apparently we’re going to a hunter trial on Saturday. Good! I was led to believe there would be more jumping at this boot camp, and less of this dancing malarkey.

To make matters worse, Young Mum put this hood on me. Apparently it’s to keep my mane flat, so the dressage judge doesn’t think I have a swan neck. How embarrassing! I hope the horses back in Wales don’t hear about this, I’ll be a laughing stock!


This morning it was my dressage lesson. Thankfully we didn’t do that silly sideways stuff, but practiced the dressage tests.  I definitely know the novice one now. We did it once to find out Young Mum`s weaknesses. Then we videoed it. Apparently we`re entering e-dressage too this month. The test was going so well. I felt amazing, if I do say so myself. And then the quad bike was started up right behind me, so I ran away. Young Mum has good Velcro though, so she just pulled me up and we restarted the test. I was a bit on edge now, I could hear that quad bike. We finished the test this time, but I had a little blip in the middle when cantering towards the quad bike, and then when it revved behind me I got scared again, so ran off in the canter a little bit. Young Mum put the video on YouTube though, so my fans can see me in action. What do you think?


Young Mum told me to get lots of rest today, ready for our busy weekend. So I did. I still have to wear this ridiculous hood though. Today was another super quick poo picking. I don’t know, I shall have to lodge a formal complaint tomorrow to The Chauffeur. This afternoon Young Mum brought my into my stable for dinner. There was a full bucket of water and two haynets, so I assume I` staying in for the night. This will be a nice change. Otis told me that there are fireworks tonight, and the best thing is to watch them from my stable. I don’t know what fireworks are, so I`ll tell you about next time!


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