Matt’s Diary – Week 6


After my first night in my  luxurious stable I was ready to go back to my field. How wrong was I! I did suspect something was amiss when both The Chauffeur and Young Mum were here. I trotted onto the trailer anyway, because excitement was in the air! We travelled for hours. I was beginning to think we were going back to Wales. 

We arrived in this huge field and Young Mum and The Chauffeur left me for ages. I was sure we’d missed our slot, but apparently they were walking the course – sat nav isn’t reliable enough apparently. I got a bit anxious waiting for them, and then Old Mum appeared. I thought I was dreaming. Maybe we were back in Wales?

We were doing a pairs class with a friend. It suited me well because I like following. 

We were first to go in the class. Being a gentleman, I let the lady go first. The jumps were fab – brushes, table tops, trakheners, logs, houses, boats, steps, water, corners. We loved it! Our round was textbook apparently; clear, rhythmical, and just plain awesome. Unfortunately I got a bit tired towards the end and crossed the line a few seconds behind my pair. So we were a bit slow and ended up ninth out of thirty. Everyone was very proud of me, but I was quite tired on the way home and tried to doze, but it’s difficult to keep your balance around all those corners!

I had a little munch on grass and roll in my field at home before being tucked up in my stable again.


Today was the big dressage day. Young Mum has already told you – Here – but basically I am amazing, and there are negotiations going on for me to stay a bit longer.


Young Mum knew I was desperate to go to my field this morning, so she took breakfast to the field with me – bliss! I had a lovely day grazing, rolling, grazing, and more rolling. The morning was made even better by Otis being allowed in a small paddock – yay! When Young Mum caught us we marched into the barn and both tried to go into our stables at the same time. Apparently her arms aren’t long enough…


Tuesday’s are normally my day off so Otis and I quickly marched Young Mum to our fields in the fog. And we were both waiting to come in for dinner that afternoon. Young Mum was really strict today though and made us both stand outside our stables while our feet were picked out.

To my horror, she produced the Pessoa! It was my new one, but after she fitted it, adjusted it, cursed the designers for putting the sliders on upside down, it was so dark I only had time to trot a few circles.


Before breakfast this morning, Young Mum and I went on a hack. It was really nice, just the two of us. I was on my best behaviour, as always.

I’ve decided that I like going to my field first, so when other horses start leaving the barn I stop eating my breakfast and start fidgeting. It soon works, and Otis and I get our way! 


Brrr it was cold this morning! Young Mum decided to lunge me in my new Pessoa as the sun was rising. It’s very clean, and I felt very smart in it!

She’s also ordered me a small lunge cavesson to go home with, which will fit my nose better than Otis’s.

Talking of Otis, he was a bit naughty today in his field. I think he got away with it though. He just looked at Young Mum as if to say “one minute I was standing looking at the grass… then Bang! The fence broke and I was on the other side!”


Another day off for me, I think I deserve it after last weekend though. Otis and I are taking it in turns to pull Young Mum when she leads us – I race to the field in the morning, and Otis races back to the stables!

She’s still being strict about me eating most of my breakfast before leaving my stable, and standing outside our stables while our feet are picked out. Then we have to stand quietly and wait until she gets dinner. I’m good at that, and don’t say anything until she brings it to me. Otis on the other hand broke his stable guard yesterday because he was so impatient waiting for dinner!

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