One of my clients today asked if I’d like some cake. Random I know, it took me a moment to process the question. But the reason behind the question was that she thought during the winter I might like a piece of her homemade cake, to keep me going through the day. 

My answer was, of course, yes! 

It’s a very nice thought, and I feel very spoilt, especially as I already have a regular supply of hot chocolates and tea with biscuits, from other clients.

You won’t be surprised, I’m sure, but I have a cake anecdote for my avid readers!

When we were in secondary school we used to get picked up and taken en masse to the yard (8 girls and all their school bags in one 4×4) and we’d help with the lessons and ride. On Mondays I always rode in the Ladies Lesson. I think it was because I had to wait for Mum, who was riding anyway. 

Then, I stopped. I think I must’ve been able to drive and had A-levels looming so didn’t stay at the yard for the 6.30 lesson. 

I didn’t think anything of it until I discovered that these ladies were sitting in the barn after their lesson, gossiping and SIPPING COCKTAILS! 

I don’t think I ever had more than the occasional cocktail, but once word got around that the ladies drank cocktails after their lesson, the Yummy Mummies laid down the gauntlet. 

This lesson was at 11am on a Thursday morning, so cocktails were out of the question. But cake wasn’t! These ladies, who had children in primary school as opposed to the Ladies who all had teenage or older children, took it in turns to bring in cake. Usually two so that they could compare and contrast. Some brave ones would make it themselves, others would even go so far as to bring ones in boxes and plastic wrapping! There was always a lot of banter about the cakes, their presentation, and originality.

I was at that horrible in-between age where you want to be with the adults and be treated like a grown up, but at the same time you don’t want to let go of your childhood. Partner this with the angst of wanting cake but also wanting an attractive figure and Thursday mornings were a time for major decisions. Having my exams meant I finished school before the others so took full advantage of being promoted to the Yummy Mummies group and get to eat cake with the grown-ups. Unfortunately, when schools broke up so did this lesson because they didn’t want to be watched by their sproglets.

Over the course of my gap year I think I became quite the expert in cake. Not so much the making aspect, more of the tasting element, as we made our way through at least three cakes a week!

I think cake still dominates social gatherings at that yard: when the farrier comes, when hay and straw and delivered, when the saddler comes, birthdays. Any excuse to have a cake really!

I shall keep you updated with my cake. Perhaps I should keep a cake diary?! I do think it is time cake and tea made a comeback to yards though!

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