Matt’s Diary – Week 7


This morning Young Mum rode me in the school. We did some poles, and she carried on with this silly sideways stuff. I really don’t get it. It’s far quicker to move in a straight line. And besides, my muscles don’t ache as much!

She also gave me fresh new wood pellets. I tell you what, I do feel quite posh having this powdery bedding instead of straw. And it doesn’t take her very long to muck us out in the morning, which means more grooming time!

This afternoon Otis was in the bad books again. I told him not to, but would he listen to me? No! He climbed through his white fencing into the big part of his field and lost both front shoes! He’d only had them refitted yesterday! I tutted to him, I mean really, he’s the one who wants to get back to his dressage and poncy sideways stuff.


The Chauffeur did us this morning, so I showed him how I now eat all my breakfast before going out, instead of leaving some for later. Otis and I had fun tying him in knots as he tried to lead both of us and carry Otis’s haynet at the same time! 

Then this afternoon Young Mum brought us in and groomed us really well before taking Otis for a walk. It’s like walking a dog!


We were up and at ’em this morning, showing everyone that whilst I still can’t go sideways, I have an awesome medium trot! I think we’re doing two harder tests at the next competition so I’ve got to make sure I nail all these transitions.


It was freezing cold this morning, so I was glad that no rugs got changed to lose my vital body heat, and I enjoyed a nice roll in the frost.

I believed that Tuesdays were my day off, but it appears that I am mistaken. This is the second Tuesday in a row that Young Mum has lunged me before dinner! It really isn’t on, I was expecting to have my feet picked out before dinner was served, but no. She lunged me in the half dark while some whizz-bangs went off in the distance. I don’t mind them now, but those silly dogs do. One tried to hide in my stable for the night! Thankfully Young Mum kicked him out.


Another early morning ride in the puddley arena. I was glad to be in my stable when I heard the rain pouring all night. Because the arena was puddley I had to do even more leg yielding than normal, but apparently I’m not moving sideways now so I got some brownie points.


I was expecting a dressage lesson this morning, but no! Instead Young Mum lunged me for ages and made me canter in the Pessoa. I don’t like cantering with it because it bumps my bum, but to keep her happy I did a bit without changing my hind legs. I was even sweating by the end!

Did I tell you I’ve been getting gold stars this week by waiting quietly for my meals? Otis broke through his stall guard last week in his attempt to make sure Young Mum doesn’t forget to feed him. I meanwhile, know what my food is in the red bucket and if I wait quietly she’ll serve in the my stable.


Now today was a proper day off. I enjoyed the sun in my field. I had a mud pack to prepare myself for Sunday’s… oops I can’t tell you any more than that. You’ll have to wait and see! 

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