Matt’s Diary – Week 8

Time flies, I’ve been here two months already and this week has certainly been a busy one.


It was wet and horrible this morning, but still Young Mum dragged me out of my stable to be lunged. She gets the day off, so why can’t I? We were lucky, we only got drizzled on. The new Pessoa is still annoying Young Mum as its slides loose. She says when it gets dirty from the grease of my coat the sliders won’t slide. I gave her a look: what dirt on my coat?! Afterwards the dreaded hood was brought out. I was to stay clean until tomorrow apparently.

Then in all that pouring rain, Young Mum decided to rearrange Otis’s fencing. She’s worried he’ll be silly and lose his shoes. I wasn’t impressed that he got to graze the nice grass outside our fields while she worked. Anyway, Otis and I had a nice day grazing in our fields. I told Otis not to mess around and lose a shoe, after all I need him to come into work so I can go back to my semi-retirement in Wales.


The Chauffeur, fresh from his visit to Wales, was on duty this morning. He told me Old Mum sends her love. Thankfully not a sloppy kiss ‘cos they’re just embarrassing. He did tell me off when I nudged him. Young Mum’s orders apparently. She says it’s a horrid habit and I need to quit by the time I go home. We’ll see … I just like to affectionately put people in their place.

Young Mum came up in the afternoon and removed the hideous hood, grooming me to within an inch of my life, ready for… oops I nearly said. It’s a secret. I won’t say anymore, but I was really good.


The usual dressage workout at dawn this morning; I showed off my medium trot to a passing lady, and Young Mum made me do all these complicated spirals and circles. She wanted to practice before teaching someone. I feel like a guinea pig!


We were turned out bright and early this morning. I do like being first out of the stables. It’s horrid watching everyone else leave me behind.

To our surprise, The Chauffeur turned up in the afternoon. Apparently Young Mum was practicing her teaching at a swanky yard with automatic field gates! How the other half live…


Another dawn dressage session learning the movements for the next competitions. Due to my outstanding performance last time, I’ve been put on the champion team – all past winners. I think Young Mum is feeling the pressure, but I told her it was easy for her, she just sits there!

Afterwards, she brought Otis out his stable and got back on me. I thought we were going to the field. But apparently we were going along the road.

You see, every day Young Mum takes Otis away from me, for a few minutes. I don’t know where they go. Otis smugly says it’s a secret. So I think he’s been having extra food or cuddles. I resent this, so I make sure I whinny as loudly as possible while they’re away so they don’t forget about me.

To my disgust, we walked along the road, not even as far as the postbox, before turning around.

“Is this it?” I ask Otis incredulously. The highlight of his day is going for a walk. Like a silly dog!

Otis told me that this might become a regular occurrence. As his walks get longer, I might be needed as a pack donkey to carry Young Mum. It’s okay, I suppose, but it is annoying how Otis rests his head on my bum.


More lunging for me this morning. It was hard work, mainly because I’d forgotten how to stretch my neck, but I did try hard. I wanted to go straight into the field after. It was too nice a day to waste any more time indoors.

However, to save the hearing of the other liveries, Young Mum took me with her and Otis on foot. I wasn’t impressed. I wanted the field. And I’d already done my workout! So I made sure we marched as quickly as possible so that we got to our fields as soon as we could.

That evening, I didn’t neigh to Otis when he left for his walk. I didn’t want to do that silly route again!


As in keeping with previous days, today was my day off. It was freezing cold, so I was glad I wear two rugs.

We waited impatiently to come in at 4pm, and Otis did his walking while I made a start on dinner.

But when they got back, Young Mum brought me out the stable and started brushing me. “Oh no, I thought. I’m not being ridden. It’s dark and cold!”

She had other ideas though, and soon started clipping me. I admit, I did need a haircut. But I didn’t need scalping.

Which is what she had in mind.

She clipped all of my face off! Thankfully she left the forelock for me to hide behind. Then she took off my body. And then she started doing something with my legs. Apparently the normal style makes me look like I have leg warmers on.

So she tried this new technique she’d seen; blending. Now, I’m not sure I’m happy being the guinea pig for this. In fact, I hope my hair grows back very quickly!

The first leg makes me look ridiculous. The second not so bad… the third one she was getting the hang of it… but I don’t know what happened to the fourth.

I think Young Mum has some practising to do, preferably on Otis, before she offers this in a clipping package. She got the right idea, and I think it would look good… but hopefully she can tidy it up with her trimmers next week so I don’t look too ridiculous.

The best part of tonight though? I got to put on my snazzy purple rug. It shows up the mud beautifully, so I shall enjoy wearing it in tomorrow. It’s a shame she made me wear that stupid hood though! 

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