Matt’s Diary – Week 9


You may remember Young Mum assaulted me yesterday and scalped me – how barbaric! It was then the coldest night of the century. You’ll be glad to know that I survived in my hood and two heavy weight rugs.

Anyway, this frosty morning Young Mum took me for a hack at the crack of dawn. It was very exciting, cantering along an avenue of oaks in my designer exercise sheet! When we got back she got off and went to see Otis. Then got on me again. She thought I was going to go out again with Otis.

She was very much mistaken. I wanted some breakfast! I told her no, but Otis persuaded me to accompany them, so I did.

The Chauffeur did the evening duties today, commenting to me how level our beds were. He asked if Young Mum had a spirit level!


As is usual, The Chauffeur was on duty this morning. He did the usual jobs and Young Mum rocked up in the afternoon to bring us into our beds which definitely hadn’t seen the spirit level …

It was nice to have a day off, but my neighbour told me that a storm was coming.


Today was storm day, and it had rained all night. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t raining when Young Mum arrived so she lunged me. Cantering is still tricky with the Pessoa hitting me up the bum all the time. But I’m stretching better now, according to Young Mum.

Have I told you about the climbing cat? Otis warned me about her – she sits on Young Mum’s shoulders and sometimes tries to sit on horses! I’ve made sure my rug stays on when she’s in sight! Anyway, she leapt up on my stable door as I was being tacked up. So I jumped. And the cat fell off backwards. Quite funny really, I thought they were supposed to be good at climbing! However, the stupid cat closed the kick bolt, locking us in the stable. No humans were around so Young Mum had to vault over the door. All I can say is, it’s a good job she’s young!

Thankfully it wasn’t too heavy rain because Young Mum turned us out because I wanted to go out, and we were supposed to come in at lunchtime but they forgot us! So good job it was dry-ish after lunch!

We both had a nice groom when we came in, but Young Mum did complain about my muddy eyelashes. I told her it was good for my complexion and that she should try it.


Tuesday’s are no longer my day of rest! We were unceremoniously turfed out of our beds at the crack of dawn. 

In the afternoon we were dragged in, the tack thrown on me, and then I went to the arena for a dressage lesson! What on earth?! Medium trot, collected trot, medium canter, 10m figures of eights, counter canter, the list was endless. But no sideways stuff today – phew! 

Then afterwards I had to quickly escort Otis around the block before night fell.


I thought I deserved a break this morning after my work out a mere half day previously. But no! Jumping today after some silly sideways stuff. I did the bounce beautifully apparently, and then the two Shetland sized strides to the upright. I managed, but only because I’m amazingly agile.

When we went back to the barn I knew what to expect. I didn’t expect though, for Young Mum to be so lazy as to not get off me to get Otis out of his stable. Instead she put his headcollar on and opened the door from the saddle. I bet she wished the cat was around to help with the kickbolt then!


Young Mum overslept today so it was a quick lunge session, but she made me canter! However, I did it brilliantly, to her amazement so hopefully she’ll let me off it next time!

In the afternoon she attacked my legs again, to work on blending the clip line into my leg fluff. The dog groomer lady said it wasn’t a bad job, but she wouldn’t let Young Mum loose on her dogs yet! I rolled my eyes. Why was she loose on me then?!


Fresh bedding for us today, but Young Mum ran out of time so it wasn’t perfectly horizontal. The Chauffeur had better buck his ideas up for the weekend as I’ve heard he’s in charge and I can’t have an unlevel bed two days in a row. 

I escorted Otis on his walk this afternoon and then practiced a dressage test until it was too dark to see even Young Mum’s bright orange coat. I worked hard, knowing I have two whole days to recover!

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