Matt’s Diary – Week 11


Today was an exciting day. The Chauffeur turned me out with my breakfast first thing. Finally, they’ve realised that the most important horse needs to go to his field first!

Then at lunchtime Young Mum came to get me in. I was pleased to see Old Mum too, looking very well. They groomed me together and generally titivated me so that I looked super smart, and then we had to hang round for ages until a lady came with a big camera. Apparently I’d won a photo shoot when I did my amazing dressage test. 

The camera lady kept trying to take photos of my bad side… so I kept turning round to show off my good side. Then she made funny noises to make me look at her. I mean, seriously, I’m not stupid! I knew that Young Mum had a treat in her pocket for me!

We had lots of photos taken of me and both my Mums. Otis tried to get involved when we were near his field. But he looks like a ragamuffin so wasn’t allowed to be in the photos. So in protest, he rolled until his fillet string broke on his rug so it slid up his body much to Young Mum’s annoyance.

When the camera lady was finished taking photos of me, the Pessoa came out. “Really?” I thought “I’m tired after all this posing.” But apparently Old Mum has to learn to lunge me properly so that she keeps up my training in Wales. After all, it takes a lot of work to maintain my svelte figure!

She wasn’t too bad really. At least she didn’t drop the lunge line or poke me with the whip … 


Much to my surprise, Old Mum was back again in the frost to lunge me. This time she didn’t have any help from Young Mum and seemed happier with the strings of the Pessoa.

After she’d turned me out it was a nice peaceful day of grazing in my field. She mucked me out, and I’m afraid to say that I had to have a quiet word with Young Mum about quality control. I mean, I may complain about The Chauffeur’s lack of spirit level, but today my bed was lumpy! I hope Old Mum bucks her ideas up before I return home. I have become used to this five star accommodation.

Do you remember last week Otis and I played Young Mum up when coming in? Well I’m afraid Otis did it again today. There was lots of banging behind the hedge so he ran away. Naturally I had to follow, and then when he stopped I told him to carry on round the corner with me. I think we were both in the dog house after that. Especially when Otis met a ginormous Gelderlander on his walk and turned tail and trotted home!


This morning Young Mum and I ran through some dressage moves, especially the transitions, which are tricky to stay straight in.

When we got to our fields Young Mum spread Otis’s hay out as usual. I wandered over. I felt like some today. Initially I pitied Otis in his postage stamp sized paddock with hay, but now I’ve eaten all my lovely grass I wouldn’t mind some hay. However, I did not want his leftovers from yesterday! When Young Mum through it over the fence I turned around in disgust. I mean, come on! A dressage pony like me doesn’t eat left overs!


It was a freezing foggy morning today, and thankfully Young Mum decided to share Otis’s hay with me. Mid morning we got a surprise as she came back to bring Otis in. He had his vet check. 

We thought it was Thursday so we hadn’t practised trotting up. Which meant that he did a few dodgy strides. Which means no more walking and more X-rays and investigations. 

Just after lunch I had a dressage lesson. It was a weird one. Young Mum wasn’t really trying. Her mind wasn’t on it. Then it hit me. No matter how much I try with the silly sideways stuff (and believe me, we did loads today) I will always be the substitute. Otis will always be number one and no one can match that. I did try my hardest though, to make her feel better. I didn’t even act like I was jealous when she spent ages grooming Otis before dinner.


Young Mum seemed to have her head back in the game this morning, as focused and determined as ever when we ran through the dressage tests. We were going to jump but I have a tickly cough, so Young Mum told me I needed to rest up tomorrow and Friday before a hack and dress rehearsal on Saturday. I think they’re looking pretty good though.


True to her word, I had the day off today and am also having dampened hay. I haven’t coughed though, so she’s not too worried. Apparently a horse who’s feeling under the weather doesn’t throw himself around the stable waiting to be turned out.

I had a good long roll in the field when we went out, and when she poo-picked she called me.

“Matt, what are you doing? Your bum is hanging out!”

I looked at her. I knew I’d made a mistake rolling that vigorously. The wind was already blowing around my derrière as my rugs sat rucked round my neck. But did she have to shout about it across the field? I had turned to face the other horses so they couldn’t see my bum. I especially didn’t want the tall, regal mare in the field behind me seeing… couldn’t Young Mum just have silently rearranged my outfit?!


She’s got the hang of giving me some hay in the mornings now, I don’t even have to ask! We’ve also been really good coming in in the afternoon. I think she blames me for leading Otis astray and then those explosions made him lame. I promise I won’t let him trot in anymore!

I had a lovely groom tonight, and she even left my hoodie off so I made the most of it and rubbed my face against her back as she tied my wet haynet up. I thought she’d appreciate the front of her jumper getting wet from the hay because it’s hot work scraping all the mud off me…

Anyway, I’d better get a good nights sleep as this weekend is the big dressage competition! Wish us luck! 

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