Matt’s Diary – Week 13


This morning The Chauffeur was on duty. He didn’t wait until I’d finished breakfast before taking me and my half empty bucket to the field. It’s great that he knows I should go out first, but really I’m getting very good at eating all my breakfast and standing quietly until Young Mum takes me. It’s a bit to do with the fact the grass isn’t very tasty at the moment so I need to eat everything on offer. But also it’s a bit miserable out there now and to be honest, being wrapped up snug in my stable is rather appealing.

Anyway, this afternoon Young Mum got us both in and groomed us really well, whilst complaining about my muddy eyelashes. Doesn’t she realise I have to back in practice ready for my imminent return to Wales? She took me for a hack, which was nice but we got to a bit I hadn’t been to before so I tried to go home but she didn’t let me. And then she made me go through the freezing stream. I thought about refusing – why doesn’t she get her feet cold and wet?! But she made me anyway and I walked through very quickly! Then I jogged until we got to a steep hill that she let me canter up. I liked that. What I didn’t like was the very steep road after it which she made me trot up. Apparently I was too full of beans. The beans had gone by the time I reached the top, I tell you.


Silly sideways stuff was the order of the morning, and I am getting better at it. She told me so. Not as good as Otis though…

But I try! 

I’ve been hungry the last couple of days so have eaten every strand of hay from my haynet and scavenged from the floor. It’s that lack of grass, you see. Finally, Young Mum saw sense and gave me an extra wedge of hay in my haynet and a little bit extra in the field.


We were turned out early this morning, which meant no poo picking because she doesn’t have as good a eyesight or sense of smell as me. I know exactly where the poo is in the field. If she wanted, I’d show her. But she didn’t seem to want to. Instead she just left it, stinking my field out… I’ll have to complain to management (The Chauffeur).

I think Young Mum was a bit tired this evening, because she just put us in our stables after picking out our feet. Her excuse was that she’d messed her diary up and booked herself to ride two horses simultaneously. And she had taught a little girl who needed her to run next to her in canter. And she had to get to the post office with a parcel before 5.30. That was the most important excuse I think.


She lunged me in the dark this morning, with the help of the climbing cat. I tried to see if I could knock the cat off Young Mum’s shoulder by shooting sideways … no such luck. Cats seem to have Velcro paws because that cat didn’t move. Although Young Mum yelped. Silly woman!

Just to keep Young Mum on her toes I decided that I didn’t want to eat all of my haynet last night, and would leave lots on the floor, and only eat the same size portion I ate last week. I just wasn’t hungry.

Before bed both Otis and I had really good grooms, getting the clumps of mud out from behind our ears. I think Otis likes his special time because I get more attention than him. Because I’m more important obviously.


I exercised first thing this morning, practising my transitions and standing square. I like to look around when I stop, but apparently I’m not allowed to do that. And apparently, Old Mum is going to be reading from the same rule book when I get home.

I did my best cute impression when she turned me out this morning. I walked away from the gate, had a roll, and then came and stood looking at her while she gave Otis hay. So she gave me some.

It was frosty so when she poo picked she tidied up the old hay. Good, neither of us eat it when it’s been there too long, and besides I’ve seen Otis pee on his. I’m glad I don’t share a field with him!

When Young Mum tidies our fields Otis likes to go up to her and have a cuddle. I think he just thinks he’s a teddy bear with all that hair he’s got! I sometimes go to inspect  her work, and if she’s done a good job I tolerate her hugging me. But she sometimes says that I’m too dirty to hug! How dare she?!?

Otis had the vet to see him today to take x-rays of his feet, but this vet thought he looked really sound and didn’t think he needed them. That made Young Mum happy, and she told us both sternly that we could not start being silly when coming in from the field. I gave her my best angelic face.


Today was Young Mum’s last day at work before Christmas which meant she was very tired and didn’t want to lunge me in the morning. She only just had enough time to muck us out and give us fresh bedding before she had to teach. 

It’s been a blustery day with Storm Barbara on her way, so I made sure I had a really good roll and facepack, just in case I needed it for protection. When she came to bring us in it was really windy. So she decided to poo pick. Apparently there was a big truck with flappy things on the yard and she didn’t want to bring us in with that there – wimp! 

She should’ve known it was going to be exciting walking in. I mean, Otis was pushing the wheelbarrow over as she poo picked, and prancing around like a Valegro wannabe. She let him graze the track while she caught me. But Otis decided to take himself into the yard… except that he got distracted by an open gate and went to explore. I pranced around, checking out the new territory while Otis walked around sniffing poo, just out of reach of Young Mum. When we eventually caught up with him at the far end of the field, the wind started whipping our tails. So we both pranced in, and made her so late we didn’t have a groom. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a nice brush because I’m going on a long hack with the pretty black mare with high stockings and white splashed around her belly, that I went cross country schooling with. I’ll need to look my best, of course.

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