Matt’s Diary – Week 14


This morning The Chauffeur was late. I neighed loudly to him when I heard his car arrive and insisted he turned me out before I’d finish my breakfast, even though I know that Young Mum makes me stay in until my bowl is empty. The Chauffeur was on his way to Wales so I told him to give Old Mum a nudge from me.

Just after lunch I went on my date with the lovely Betty. I got rather excited on the yard, I’m afraid to say, but then strutted out onto the road, showing her my best side. It was pretty cold, but I didn’t want her to think I was a wimp so I just walked quickly. We had a couple of trots before getting to a nice long track in the woods. Young Mum let me step up into my super duper extended trot to show off to Betty. She couldn’t keep up! She struck off into canter and I accepted the challenge! The race was on! 

Halfway along the track, I finally remembered my manners – ladies first – and let Young Mum rein me in so that Betty’s Mum could pull up too. Whoops, my bad! The rest of our ride was far more sedate and I remembered my manners.

Sunday – Christmas Day

Young Mum had the audacity not to arrive until 9am this morning! Thankfully she had thoughtfully left our breakfasts out so we weren’t starving. I told her off though.

She’d brought the Human Matt with her, who kindly carried our haynet to the field and gave me some polos whilst giving me my hay. I did see him giving Otis some too. Man, I thought we were bros, what with sharing the same name. How can he share my polos with Otis?!

Human Matt has potential. He wasn’t allowed to do our beds (hasnt been on the correct training course) but he did carry our water buckets in without spilling them over himself or the floor and swept up nicely. 

In the afternoon Young Mum brought us in while Human Matt cooked dinner. I secretly hoped he would come again, I like him.


Young Mum was up early, lunging me this morning. Apparently there’s no Christmas holiday for me! She was pleased with me though because I’m carrying myself better without the help of the Pessoa. Afterwards she secured the sliders with cable ties on the Pessoa so that Old Mum won’t have any problems using it in Wales when I go home.

In the afternoon she brought us both in. Otis had a really thorough groom while I had what she called an Equine Turkish Bath. Basically she brushed my face, neck, legs, and lifted up the corners of my rugs to get the top of my legs clean. I looked really tidy after, but I knew she’d cheated! I made her promise me a proper groom the next day!


This morning I went out for a ride with the Grey Lady. It was quite exciting, and I got upset when Otis went to the field without me, but when I knew we were going on a hack I aimed to impress. 

I didn’t shy and anything on the road, a new route for me, and walked straight through the deep, unknown stream, before leading the Grey Lady for a lovely canter. Young Mum was very pleased with my behaviour and the Grey Lady’s Mum was very complimentary about me. 

Unfortunately I did have to put the Grey Lady in her place. After the second stream – yes, that’s right I had to traverse icy water twice within an hour – she tried to overtake me. No one overtakes Matt! So when she tried to squeeze her belly between me and the fence, head resting on my bum, I lifted a leg warningly. That taught her. She didn’t try to overtake me again! She didn’t even try to race me when I did my extended trot up the next hill, flexing my bum muscles to good effect.

This evening the yard brought us in because Young Mum had gone to Blenheim Palace. Otis told me about when he went there last year, but this time they’re going to see some Christmas lights or something silly. Of course, with someone new we had to take her to investigate our neighbour’s field…


We had breakfast this morning with the rabble, and Old Mum came to lunge me while Otis had a pedicure. She even cantered me with the Pessoa and was much more professional with the lunging. I think she only dropped the line once. She turned me out and poo picked, doing a good job.

This afternoon I had a rare and very exciting sighting of the Rare Spotted Stark. The only male Stark of Young Mum’s generation, and the only hope of carrying on the name, he rarely makes an appearance with anything equine. Old Mum led me, naturally, her favourite, whilst the Rare Spotted Stark led Otis. Who obviously exploited his ineptitude and kept putting his head down so that Old Mum had to take me to my stable and go back to help bring Otis in. Otis claimed hunger pangs, but I know he’s just greedy!


It was freezing cold this morning but it didn’t deter Young Mum from riding me at dawn while Old Mum turned Otis out and mucked out. 

Because it was so crunchy underneath I did lots of shoulder in, and will feature in a blog next week about shoulder in – just a heads up to all my fans. My leg yield is also getting better and I’m halting without gazing around. I was more impressed with Old Mum’s mucking out – she’s getting better! I hope she’s ordered wood pellets for when I go home, I like them a lot. 

This afternoon I had another Equine Turkish Bath whilst Otis had a full groom before going on a walk. Now he’s got new shoes he can start his walk exercise again – yay!

Young Mum left us with dinner, telling us that The Chauffeur is in charge now and that we’d better behave. We looked angelicaly at her; us, misbehave? Never!

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