Every morning, just after 8am, a small flock of doves descend to the yard and await the handful of bird seed that shortly follows.
These birds make me smile every day because, hiding amongst these white doves, is a dark grey pigeon. It’s like he’s trying to blend in; “keep your head down and they’ll never notice you aren’t one of them” – you’ve seen those cartoons of animals impersonating other animals. I diverge, but I can see the hazy image of a once seen cartoon like this situation. Perhaps he’s a spy trying to be incognito? 

I’m reading a book at the moment – Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult – which is all about race and, well, racism. It’s refreshing then, that these birds, so polar in appearance, unite as one flock and accept everyone regardless of the colour of their feathers.

Perhaps we can all learn something from these doves! 

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