An Agenda?

Someone told me over Christmas that they’d read in a horse behaviour book that horses don’t have an agenda; they act on instinct and don’t try to show you up or let you down. I beg to differ.

Yesterday I went to catch one of the horses I ride; she is in a small herd in a large field, but yesterday she happened to be near the gate – about fifty yards from it. As I walked along to the track she stood, ears pricked, watching me intensely. I called her name, but didn’t get a response. Not that I expected one! 

As I untied the rope around the gate, she turned and cantered to the far end of the field without a backwards glance.

I groaned. I might be here for a while if she didn’t want to come in! So I made my way slowly across the frozen, treacherous field. The whole time, the mare stood watching me, with an innocent butter wouldn’t melt look on her face. And she let me walk straight up to her to clip her lead rope on before following me across the field angelically! 

Now you can’t tell me that this mare didn’t know what she was doing when she ran away from me! She obviously wanted to be caught, as she let me walk straight up to her, but she also wanted me to walk across the field! 

One thought on “An Agenda?

  1. Tracy - Fly On Over Jan 27, 2017 / 5:57 pm

    I recently read a book about dog training, which included some scientific research on canine emotions and cognitive abilities. Obviously horses are not dogs, but I found myself nodding along, thinking a lot of what was said sounded like it could be applicable to horses too! I think they’re a lot more intelligent and intuitive than we give them credit for.

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